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The Extreme Champions Academy
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21. august 2005
The Slovenian weekly newspaper Nedeljski dnevnik is suggesting the establishment of an organization to support Slovenian world record holders. In many cases, these achievers don't directly belong in either sporting or cultural arenas, much less politics, and they often remain without their place under the sun. Extreme athletes have no official association to lobby for them, having achieved the majority of their results on their own, without any state support. Despite this fact, their successes contribute more to the promotion and recognition of Slovenia than the numerous government institutions spending millions in taxpayers' money.

"To be honest, all top-level sports are more or less exaggeration of the limits, involving incomprehensible risks, up to and including the price of one's life," wrote Tone Fornezzi Tof. "With our organization, we want to gather them under one roof and help them realize new projects and achieve even bolder goals. We will select our laureate following the model of the world recognized Laureus Sport Foundation."

Among the proposed members are Slovene notables Davo Karničar, Tomaž Humar, Martin Strel, Jure Robič, Miro Lebar, Miran Stanovnik, Srečko Bergant, Marko Baloh, Avi Šorn, Dušan Mravlje, Matevž Lenarčič, Viki Grošelj, Stane Klemenc and the sole female representative, Benka Pulko.


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