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"Pocestnica" at the 23th Slovenian Book Fair
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 28. november 2007
At the 23rd Slovenian Book Fair at Cankarjev dom, the Pocestnica herself was present with her bookstand. Chatter, camaraderie, and colorful stories never ceased, causing visitors to vote her stand as the “most fun”. Throughout the five days of show, Benka tirelessly signed piles of books for her admirers and discriminating readers. When she wasn’t at her stand, she was speaking on one of the many stages. The show’s first evening, she led a discussion about Slovenians and travel stories, accompanied by fellow adventurers Zvone Šeruga, Arne Hodalič, Uroš Ravbar and Miran Juvančič. You can be certain Benka had a few words to add on the topic.

On the show’s second evening Benka presented Pocestnica, hosted by singer Rebeka Dremelj, who spoke with the author about how the bestseller was born. The audience mingled excitedly, enjoying the colorful discussion between the two animated orators.

This year Benka’s book shared the spotlight with her unique handmade bookmark of ‘the pocestnica’. “Since my book is different from others, my bookmark should be different, too,” said the author, who spent more time designing the bookmark than writing the book.

Benka was thrilled with her popularity at the show. “My measure for success is the number of smiling faces around my bookstand. I don’t know if it was due to the bookmark, the book, or something else, but there were an enormous number of them! In the end, that is all that matters.”


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