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Honorary Ambassador Children's Festival
Velenje, (Slovenia), 29. september 2004
Benka Pulko, this year's Honorary Ambassador of the 15th Children's Festival, believes that Pippin Longstockings is the best. "That is what I believed 30 years ago and what I still believe today."

"After a gap of many years, I made Pippi Longstockings this summer's reading. I can assure you, I hadn't forgotten much. Mischief is always easy to remember... I simply decided on Pippi for this summer because I was curious to hear what she has been up to in all those years, since I have been too busy living my adult life.

When I was little I tend to believe Pippi was my sister. There was no doubt in anyone's mind we were alike. At least for one day a year, when we celebrate carnival, it feels natural for me to get my hair braded, painted orange and sit my plush monkey on my shoulder. Sleeping with my feet on a pillow comes with the package...

As you can see, everything here is still the same, nothing has changed. Pippi is still Pippi. And I am still her sister every Carnival day. The only difference is I am riding a motorcycle instead of a horse.

Great! I was impressed when I finished reading about Pippi for the hundredth time. She and her stockings are never going to grow old. Pippi will continue to live with so many friends, admirers, followers and fans as she has nowadays.

Shall Pippi Longstocking's days be a lot of fun for you, my little friends, with a lot of enjoyment, new friends and wonderful memories."

See you in Velenje! Yours truly, Benka Pulko


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