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Benka Around the World Again
Ptuj, 11. october 2007
Franc Mihelic's Gallery, one of the most extraordinary exhibition spaces in Slovenia, publicly debuted Benka Pulko's photography show, Faces of the World. This exhibition marks the ten year anniversary of the beginning of her journey around the world.

In addition to the 36 large format photographs, each rich with colors and emotional expressiveness, a sampling of objects collected throughout her travels are also on display. Items include her passport, laptop, first aid kit, clothing, riding gear and of course, her motorcycle.

At the invitation of the Mayor of Ptuj, Benka’s hometown, Faces of the World starts its journey around the world in the same place Benka began the adventure that gave birth to the exhibition's images.

"This is not an ordinary exhibition,” says Pulko, “it has a very important additional purpose. It is a fund raising effort." All the profits collected from the show will be used by Benka's foundation Believe in Yourself & Kickstart the World and World in Hand group to fund the ambitious goal of putting a computer in every elementary school in Slovenia. Since the children are not yet old enough to follow in Benka’s footsteps and see the world, virtual traveling is the most affordable and easiest way to learn about other places.

The foundation is exclusively sponsored by socially responsible companies like Si.Mobil Vodafone, Alpress, Perutnina Group and SRC.SI. And, in accordance with her strict guiding principle, every Euro donated finds its way directly to “those in need”.

In November, the exhibition is scheduled to travel from Ptuj to Ljubljana and then on to Brussels, Zagreb, Belgrade, Prague, New York, Tokyo and Johannesburg. We hope this next journey around the world brings joy to many eyes and raises substantial funds for her bold project.


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