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Additional Support to Those in Need
Grosuplje, Slovenia, 3. april 2008
The documented success of Benka’s humanitarian fund "Believe in Yourself and Kickstart the World" doesn’t prevent her from pursuing new philanthropic activities.

The latest multimedia presentation of her voyage and life on the road was in the Grosuplje House of Culture. Benka responded to the invitation of the organization “Sožitje” (Coexistence) which strives to make life easier for people with developmental disabilities. With her performance, she brought an added bit of fun and enjoyment to their everyday lives.

Among the visitors were numerous members of “Sožitje”, their parents, relatives and friends. Benka’s lively, colorful and humorous presentation allowed them to laugh and enjoy themselves. At the end, there was a lot of handshaking and picture taking to record the memorable occasion.

The event was a humanitarian one, with the lecturer donating her fee to “Sožitje”, in support of people who honestly need help and attention. Benka believes one of life's objectives is to care for our fellow man, something we can all accomplish through action.

Humanitarian activities already consume a lot of Benka’s time. But she knows the commitment is worthwhile when she sees happiness and renewed determination return to weary faces.


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