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  • "In Tibetan Children’s Village, we are immensely honored with your interest in our village and impressed with your excellent knowledge of the situation in Tibet. We are grateful the people are interested in our work and the children’s progress. We thank you from all our hearts for your concern, willingness and work you put in helping us. We definitely wish to work in close coordination as to your conditions of having a clear, open and transparent manner of working together. " Thupten Dorjee, Tibetan Children's Village

  • "For my 50th birthday I invited all my friends, relatives and collegues to participate in your campaign instead of the costs for the presents and a party. Instead of the candles on my birthday cake I would like to spark a hope in Tibetan children’s eyes. That would be my favorite present ever!" Neva

  • "Your campaign is very powerful and special. My wife and I have wished for our own child for years. One week after both of our companies sponsored one girl each, my wife got pregnant. Your project has a special meaning to us." Happy father

  • "I am thrilled browsing your site. You have some positive energy, woman! I would like to volunteer in your humanitarian project. All the good deeds will be back one day. Keep going, Benka!" Slavko

  • "Dear Benka, last week I met the principal of the Tibetan secondary school and ten students from Dharamshala in Graz, Austria. Austrian government extended their invitation for the visit. I heard some deeply touching stories. Congratulations for your work. Only now I’m beginning to understand how necessary it is." Andreja

  • "Well done, Benka! I’m very proud of knowing you." Boris

  • "Congratulations for all the funds you have raised. How in the world have you managed doing so? I have been organizing help for Bosnian children for years now. I have forwarded an immense amount of requests out there but there were sadly any responses." Cvetka

  • "Each of us want to adopt a child. We have enough of everything and don’t need anything more for ourselves. If I’ve had luck in my life so why not share it with less fortunate people? We are here in Vietnam and will be visiting the orphan’s camp soon. I will keep you posted on the situation there." Dominika and Igor Osvald are traveling around the world. They are the only travelers I know who sponsor children while dealing with shortages of their own. BRAVISSIMO!

  • "I’ll be 26 tomorrow and I would like to bring some happiness into somebody’s else’s live. I’m a student and I would like to sponsor a child." Jure

  • "Benka, how wonderfull that world could be if there were more people just like you." Adela

  • "I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts for the others, especially for the better life opportunities for the children." Zoran

  • "What you are doing is extremely hard work and the amount of money raised is breath-taking. Thank you in the name of all you have helped." Anita

  • "Your campaign deserves all sincere appreciation. With your help we can truly make a difference and grand changes. Thank you!" Lidija

  • "I am 16. I respect you deeply. One day I wish to be like you, helping those in need. I am proud knowing that in Slovenia we have people like you." Urska

  • "Your foundation activity touched us. My husband and I are sponsoring one child already and would like to take care of another one. There is no better feeling than receiving mail from Sangdhe and reading that she enjoyed her school." Bilijana

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