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Welcome to the Press Center for Benka Pulko. Here you will find a collection of material published about Benka, her journey, and her life. Please note that all text and photographs accessible through this site are copyright protected.

Material in the Press Center section is available for use without written permission if used for publicity, but only by mentioning BenkaPulko.com as the source. If any of the material contained herein is used, we would appreciate being informed as to the usage, publication, edition, and the date.

For any use other than that, or for any additional requests for photographs, interviews, statements and opinions, please contact us directly at info@BenkaPulko.com.

The photographs in the gallery are all in JPG format. To access higher resolution images for publishing, please click on the thumbnail. A larger image will appear in a new window.

NOTICE: The most common factual error published about Benka is that she was the first woman to travel the world on a motorcycle. While many women have traveled the world on a motorcycle before Benka, she is recognized for her specific accomplishments which include; the longest journey by a female rider with regard to distance and duration, first female to cross Saudi Arabia solo, first motorcyclist on Antarctica, and undoubtedly the first in many other respects. To avoid false statements please check Biography in the About Benka section.

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