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Auction of Slovene Mandalas for Tibetan Kids
Ljubljana (Slovenia), 30. november 2006
An exhibition of colorful mandalas opened today at the new coffee shop Thanks for the Flowers, in the renovated premises of renowned architect Plečnik's Ljubljana fish market. These designs are as interesting as the process of their creation. Composed during meditation, each mandala was created by an artist who had never painted before. The relaxing, geometric circles came from the hands of yoga students, under the guidance of Snežana Divjak and her glorious energies.

At noon on Thursday, December 14, these fascinating mandalas were auctioned. All the funds were returned to the spiritual world which enabled their creation in the first place: to Tibet and its people. All profits were donated to Tibetan Children's Village for the education of Tibetan girls, under the foundation Believe in Yourself & Kickstart the World.


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