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The Journey


September 1999

Summer here in the Northern hemisphere is almost over and I am heading back south again. Not because I like to follow the weather (though I am "following the sun", so to speak) but because it is high time to quit messing with paperwork, visas, Carnet d' passage and registrations, sponsorships, slides, etc. and time to jump on the bike and feel something other than the pressure of telephone calls, faxes, hundreds of emails daily, re-supplying camera equipment, having repairs done and so on. From the tone of my writing you probably can see how sick and tired I am of the logistics and support work that is never seen but must be done. And not just done, but well done! By one single me, not to be forgotten.

Finally I learned how to do my own web site updates. So far it has taken me a week of 18-hour days and should finally be done in another week. For the first time since I started it (2.5 year ago), it looks good enough to be seen.

I learned a few things with the new digital camera. I hope shooting digital will make updating much easier. This way I wont have to find high quality places to develop slides in the middle of nowhere. Let alone having to sort and mark them all and then carry them by the thousands on the bike.

I have also done all sorts of backup procedures on the computer again in case some worm happens again. I have to thank my people in Poughkeepsie. Tony is extraordinary! And so is Mitch! Making every day too busy had its high points. I started to learn how to play golf. Got some free instruction and started to hit that little white ball... Also, bowling was a great fun. I had never done it before.

Re-supplied myself with some new products: BMW System 4 helmet, an Aerostich Darien jacket and pants, Combat Touring boots and tank panniers also from Aerostich, Motorcycle cover from M&S Enterprises, hyper flashing lights from M&G Accessories, Dainese gloves, some new Adidas clothing and camel bag water container for never thirsty me. Now I may even remember to drink. I extended my trusty medical insurance policy with Coris as you never know when I might go horse back riding again.

The Chain Gang keeps collecting donations and sending T-shirts all over the world. In addition, I met many great people and even received donations from some motorcycle riders located over the States. I am still surprised by all the interest my journey has generated and how many people are actually adventuring with me if just in spirit.

I know much of this may not be as interesting to you compared to some of the high adventure you have experienced with me but without boring, unseen working background and the rest of the more mundane things I have been doing for the last 2 months the time on the road simply doesn't happen. So with that, I will stop now. Red Australia is awaiting for me. Keep visiting me on my web.

Love to all of you,

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