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May 19th, 2004

To Whom It May Concern

As part of the structured events organized by the Information Service of the Employment Agency, we hosted Benka Pulko on March 1st 2004.

We chose her and her story to be presented to our clients, because of the awesome power and determination contained in her message. The unemployed often lack self-confidence and have difficulties being inspired and motivated.

With her naturally convincing style, Ms. Pulko shared her well-balanced and incredibly interesting point of view. She profoundly touched the consciousness of participants. She removed the invisible barriers of limited success and firmly took the position that everyone is in control of themselves. She doesn't believe in dreams. She believes in hard work and a dedicated mind. Her story was a convincing example of the fact that everyone can succeed at whatever they set their mind to. Even finding a job.

The evening with her was not just extremely useful and encouraging for our audience, but was amusing, colorful, and very funny. Her open and simple approach made every single participant laugh and wonder about the role of personal responsibility in their own lives. Resounding agreement was demonstrated by the roaring applause at the end of her appearance.

Damijana Hainz

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