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Pulko's two hour multimedia show is a touching personal presentation aided by carefully selected photographs and video clips from her archive of 35,000 images. Her animated delivery is tailored to suit younger audience while the presentation is supported with rich musical accompaniment from all over the world.

Her love of children becomes evident through the delivery of her story. She reveals a great ability to communicate effectively beyond any language barrier and brings a first hand account of exploring this planet right into the enclosure of a classroom. She encourages a sense of adventure in sheltered, inexperienced lives.

Pulko believes in simplicity of life which becomes apparent through the documenting of her incredible story. In her presentation she stresses the importance of knowledge, personal skills and self confidence in whatever you take on in life. She offers a clear perspective on why schooling and education are critical for young people, illustrating by example how constantly expanding ones knowledge and feeding ones curiosity is essential. And, why cheating just does not get you anywhere in life.

Most of the children are influenced by Pulko long after her presentation. It very often becomes one of the most memorable events in schools calendar. Both, parents and teachers note the contagious optimism in many children who have met Pulko. Making it into the Guinness Book of World Records also made her a hero in millions of eyes of her young admirers.

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