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School Reference

The Milojka Stukelj
Elementary School
Delpinova Street 7
Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Phone: +386 5 335 8100
Fax: +386 5 335 8101
E-mail: o-ms.ng@guest.arnes.si

Hi Benka,

We are a bit late but would love to reflect on our time together. You made a deep lasting impression on us with your fascinating and unforgettable multimedia presentation, sharing the story of your journey around the world.

This was an incredible experience. The local TV and radio station reported about your appearance at our school in a very praising and enthusiastic manner. We published the news about your priceless visit in the local newspaper as well.

As we promised, we are sending you some photos from our meeting, so you won't forget us either. And thank you so much for the autographed bookmarks.

Warmest regards -

For children and teachers
from our school,
Boža Peršič
The Principal

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