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Library Reference

The Tone Seliskar Library, Trbovlje
19 June 1st Street
Trbovlje, Slovenia
Phone: +386 3 562 5710
Fax: +386 3 562 5711
E-mail: aleksandra@trb.sik.si

March 3rd, 2004

Dear Benka Pulko,

We are still under the spell of the evening you spent with us. I would like to thank you sincerely once again for a very interesting and warm meeting. After speaking with many of our visitors it was clear they shared one common opinion - last evening was loaded with positive energy, optimism and a determination that everything is possible.

We are happy and proud to have had the opportunity to know you, to talk to you and be lead around the world by your energetic and spirited leadership. Just listening, we were frightened, we were happy, and on occasion relieved, hearing the story had a happy ending.

Thank you for the numerous life truths and wisdom you shared. It must be wonderful to be your friend and be able to share more often your contagious courage and optimism.

Good luck. Especially on the motorcycle. And please be careful. You know we all love you and admire you!

Best regards,
Aleksandra Nagode

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